Quirky, Inc. and its Affiliates file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

New York, New York – September 22, 2015

Quirky, Inc. (“Quirky”) and its affiliates (together, the “Company”) announced today that it filed a voluntarily petition under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

The Company has taken this action to facilitate a sale of substantially all of its assets.  After carefully examining the various alternatives available, the Company concluded that Chapter 11 provides the most effective and efficient process to facilitate sales of substantially all of its assets and provide potential suitors with certain advantages only available in Chapter 11, which will enhance the value of the Company’s assets.

With respect to assets related to the business of Wink, Inc., the Company has entered into an agreement with Flextronics International USA Inc. for the sale of certain assets at a purchase price of $15 million.  The sale will be subject to higher or otherwise better offers.  The Company will look to conduct an auction, if other bids are received, and will be seeking court approval to have the sale close within approximately 60 days.  The bankruptcy filing does not impact the Wink experience for users nor how Wink operates day-to-day.  Wink’s engineers and designers will continue to enhance the Wink platform to provide new, meaningful ways for customers to interact with their smart home. The Wink HUB and Wink Relay will continue to be available at The Home Depot and Amazon. Wink’s customer support team will continue to provide the same quality assistance.

With respect to Quirky, the Company is working with potentially interested parties to establish a stalking horse bidder for certain of its assets, including assets related to the Quirky online community and the Quirky name.  Such a sale would be subject to higher or otherwise better offers.  The Company will look to conduct an auction, if bids are received, and will be seeking court approval to have the sale close within approximately 60 days.  While the Company was previously forced to temporarily suspend Quirky product evaluation and development projects, it is hopeful that the ultimate successful purchaser will restart those operations and reestablish a meaningful and productive relationship with the community members.

The Company has engaged Cooley LLP and Klestadt Winters Jureller Southard & Stevens, LLP as counsel, FTI Consulting as its restructuring advisors, Centerview Partners LLC as investment banker with respect to the Wink assets, and Hilco Streambank as investment banker with respect to the Quirky assets.

Established in June 2009, Quirky, Inc. offers its inventors a forum for social product development and its customers an opportunity to acquire the most innovative products on the market.  The Company currently operates Powered by Quirky and Wink business units and maintains a website at

 Parties may obtain additional information by visiting the website of the Company’s claims agent, at

The Least Important Ex-CEO


In light of our ongoing strategy to focus our efforts and resources on Wink, our founder, Ben Kaufman, will no longer serve as the CEO of Quirky.  Ben has always been, and continues to be, deeply committed to the spirit and values of Quirky's community of creative people around the world, as well as its inventors and its partners.  Ben continues to believe in Quirky’s core mission to make invention accessible and believes that mission will live on.  Effective immediately, current Chief Financial Officer Ed Kremer will be the CEO.

How to make a perfect video pitch

A video pitch can be an inventor’s most powerful presentation tool. When done properly, videos comprehensively portray concepts to audiences better than a sketch or feature set ever could. However, a few production missteps can distract from a good product idea, leaving viewers confused and closed-minded. Here are 6 easy tips to help you nail your next video pitch.

Use a Phone or a Laptop:

Fancy recording equipment or software isn’t necessary for a great video pitch. Simply record a video on a phone or computer then upload it to Youtube or Vimeo.

Film Horizontally:

Streaming services are built for showing videos landscape style, so to get the most out of your efforts, film your pitch horizontally. There’s actually a lot of literature to support this.

Find a Quiet Place:

The audience should be 100% focused on you and your invention — not your cat, toddler or washing machine making a racket in the background.

Use Props:

Leave nothing open to interpretation. Spotlight a sketch, proof of concept, or working prototype to ensure maximum audience comprehension.

Stay on Topic

Briefly introducing yourself is fine, but stay focused. Identify the problem you’re trying to solve, and explain how your product uniquely works/would work to solve that problem.

Do Multiple Takes:

Ain’t no shame in perfecting your game.

Follow the steps above and you’ll be sure to churn out a stellar video pitch. Want more? Here are a few pro tips from our video team:

  • Minimize the use of text

  • Steer clear of animation software as it distracts from, rather than adds to, your presentation (Powtoons, Voki, WeVideo, etc.)

  • Preview it to friends and family and ask for honest feedback

  • Make sure you film in a well-lit location natural light is always best!

  • Use multiple angles to show off prototypes or products

  • Use your imagination and keep it fun

  • Consider storyboarding to help keep your pitch on track  

An Ecovative idea: biodegradable mushroom packaging

Ever think about where product packaging comes from or where it goes after you use it? Scott Shephard does. As Quirky’s “VP of Cardboard,” everything we package goes through his hands.


One of Scott’s biggest challenges? How to make packaging sustainable. Most materials, although recyclable, release chemicals and toxins when composted. Recycling is actually downcycling; the process reduces the quality of a material over time, until its lower-quality products are eventually incinerated or landfilled.


In a world where throwaway products have become the norm, it’s hard to think outside the (cardboard) box. But what if we could eliminate the concept of waste entirely? That means designing products, packaging and systems that biodegrade and become food for our earth, instead of toxins.

Ecovative is a company that’s stepped up with a solution: a no-waste, biodegradable material. Their mushroom packaging material is non-toxic, and can be grown anywhere from factory to in-home. It only takes a few steps:

1. Design a mold

2. Fill with agricultural waste

3. Add some ‘shrooms

4. Wait a few days…

...And voila! You’ve got your very own biodegradable packaging.

The end result is compostable, packs like styrofoam, and tastes great! (According to Scott. Please don’t eat.) Are mushrooms the future of packaging? Sound off in the comments below!